Chicago’s Bean

Now and then in doing our work, we experience brief, almost metaphysical flashes of positive feelings. These are glimmers, magical feedback moments telling us we’re doing good work and on the right path. Maybe our art or writing is affecting someone, or the hard work is paying off and you “get it,” and you notched up on your skills.

Such moments are better than opinions or adulations from others, unless those others are masters in your field. Embrace these glimmer gems when they happen, since they are nods from the universe and we should feed on them as encouragement nutrition.

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Down the Middle

Down the middle
Photo by Stanislav Vlasov on Unsplash

Not sure exactly when I started my odd practice of preferring to walk down the middle. During my adolescence, I remember doing this much to the delight of my friends (and horror of my parents if they knew), but can’t remember why I did it. I enjoyed being different but never wondered why I bent the rules this way. Maybe it felt more natural to be in balance with both sides of whatever was there.

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Gold From The Sky

Today was a beautiful, clear sky 70-degree day in the sunshine. I spent several vitamin-D soaking hours walking the trails of the University of Michigan’s (UofM) Nichols Arboretum in Ann Arbor, a place I’ve not been to before. Felt so good after the long winter, and these first days of such spring weather truly feel like there’s gold falling from the sky.

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Not Quite Yet

Winter’s stubborn touch, like the whipping tail of a dragon that catches the brave knight unaware as the dragon retreats from battle, is still with us here in Southern Michigan.

We went from several days of mild, pleasant, sunny weather to a couple days of frigid 30s and windy, with nights in the 20s. Yesterday it even snowed a bit (that just ain’t right…). Fortunately, the forecast ahead looks promising starting with tomorrow’s high in the 60s.

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Becoming Our Thoughts

Photo by Dylan Alcock on Unsplash

I often remember this quote first heard long ago when I began learning how to manage my stress and anxiety:

If you want to know what you were thinking six months ago, look in the mirror. – Deepak Chopra

We truly are what we think, conditioning and molding ourselves by our thoughts:

Color it with the wrong thoughts and your life will be dyed the same. – Ryan Holiday

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Modern Dating

Photo by and DocuSign on Unsplash

In one sense, these last six scary years we’ve lived through have one upside, albeit it somewhat perverse: it’s simplified modern dating.

In the old days of online dating, places like provided a shopping experience through biased profiles we hoped were accurate (and some were). But as with many things, the scary part was what you didn’t know from those profiles until much later.

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