Obie’s Stuff – Camping Gear

Here’s where I keep lists of materials, electronics, gadgets, gear, and anything else that went into the Obie conversion build plus gear for travel and camping.

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Used as a cabana for showering, toilet, etc. if needed:

DIY Awning

  • Mounting pole:
    • Two 42” long 1.25″ PVC poles with end caps on outer ends, open pipe in between
    • PVC 3/4” connector, glued into the open end of one (slips into the other pole when mounting)
    • 4 tarp bolts, each full-thread 1/4x20x2.25″ bolt, two washers, wing nut (locations drilled to match 4 grommets on tarp’s 8’ side)
  • Zipper bag (but currently unavailable)

Links to specific cool Obie stuff…