There’s an enormous amount of work to design, set up, and create supporting programs that all combine to make this site do what it does.

I’ve always loved seeing authors or publishes provide a colophon section at the back of a book. For a design/type/word/layout geek, it’s terrific way to find out what they did and/or used to create the book.

So in that spirit, here are the essential things that made this version of possible, in no particular order:

  • WordPress:
    • Host: Business plan
    • Staging site: hosted private site
    • Theme: Envy Blog Pro by PreciseTheme with significant PHP/HTML hacks and CSS customizing by yours truly.
  • Fonts:
    • Headings — Google Special Elite (typewriter look)
    • Content — Google Karma body fonts
  • Essential Plugins:
    • MailPoet – Service/Wordpress plugin driving new post email subscriptions and Fresh Bits Newsletter magic.
    • Simple WordPress Membership – Core engine behind the membership (aka Supporter) program.
  • Photography —99.9% is my own, unless noted.
  • Operational Sanity / Writing Process:
    • Fuel: Ann Arbor’s Roos Roost Lobster Butter Love coffee (the best)
    • When things break: Bird Dog Bakery Oat Cookies from Ann Arbor’s Arbor Farm Stop. Oh mama, these are good!
    • Content creation:
      • First drafts handwritten in pencil (Blackwings!),
      • Subsequent drafts in Ulyssess (iPad or iMac),
      • Final tweaks/images placed in WordPress.