Sometimes heading off aimlessly down the road without any particular place to go can be healing. In Australian aboriginal culture, the walkabout's time-tested ritual gave young men a chance to learn more about their character and strength through this solitary journey in the wilderness.

Shakespeare’s Dilemma

Inspired by the wonderful sketches shared at moleskinerie, I finally succumbed to buying my first moleskine....without lines. As an ardent disciple of the mantra "stay between the lines" in my journaling over the years, I seem to be more comfortable writing in a ruled journal rather than face the challenge...

The Sounds of Writing

Connecting sound with writing is probably not immediately obvious. Intense mental struggles over finding the right words, getting in the right mood, feigning determination to free oneself from writer's block...all those connections come forth easily, but the sounds of writing?


This wonderful Japanese phrase translates to mean the instant a chick pecks on the inside shell while its mother pecks on the outside and the shell cracks, and new life emerges. The author Jane Yolen in her insightful book "Take Joy: A Book for Writers" connects this phrase...

Hedonism Heaven

Day 2 in N'awlins. Spent a wonderful (but hot) afternoon watching the artists and the tourists watching the artists around Jackson Square, next to the gourgeous Saint Louis Cathedral. Then spent another hour or so at a sidewalk the French Market area eating...

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