You-Don’t-Love-Me-Anymore Syndrome

Late last year, I sold the RV and bought a new Subaru Crosstrek. Love my new ride, and was looking forward to some serious road trips come warmer weather. Plus, plans were to add a Thule roof box and do some serious backwoods camping, too. Fast-forward to life-as-we-now-know-it-now and not...

Sketching in the Woods

I am fortunate for these stay-at-home days to have a 25-acre nature preserve next to where I live. And doubly blessed that it’s lightly used, thus social distancing is a seldom necessity. It’s meandering, leaf-covered trails amid the forest of hardwoods make for a contemplative and relaxing break from the...


While I  didn’t complete Inktober this year, there were a few sketches I was happy with, such as this one.

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