Quetico Memories

This time of year you'll find parents rushing to buy camping supplies in preparation of sending off their sons and daughters to sleep-away camps and nature trips. Such experiences are seminal, and ones we tend to remember clearly the rest of our lives.

Hippie Hollow

Ever notice how things occassionally appear in the news that trigger a memory of one's youth? It makes me wonder if life isn't a big, circular event like an enormous merry-go-round, eventually coming full circle to witness experiences of youth, yet changed by the passing of time and the infection...

Ferry Tales

When you take a break and wander off, you're supposed to engage in activities that are relaxing, unwinding, or qualify as moments that take your breath away. Some may find this a bit corny, but I enjoy riding the Galveston ferry.

Beach Bliss

No other activity that I can think of mirrors the de-stressing of strolling lazily along a beach looking for seashells. Something about the intensity of visually searching the sand accompanied by constant surf sounds lends itself to this total escape.

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