What is That Bright Object in the Sky?

Made it in to Tampa late yesterday, despite stormy weather and apparently, three tornados in the Tampa Bay area! Missed all that fun, but greeted this morning with an unfamiliar bright light in the sky. Yes, it’s been that long since we’ve had sunshine in Findlay. Now that I’m in Florida, plenty of that will come and I’ll do my best not to get tired of sunshine, warm temperatures, etc., etc.

Today’s a Tamasté tweak day since rain’s going to occur off and on throughout the day. Next three days though are sunshine and mid-to-high 60s. Woo-hoo!

Rainy Day Time Killers

What to do on a rainy day to kill six hours before I’m able (due to high winds/rain) to head to Tampa on the final leg. How about hearty, leisurely breakfast, the ambiance of a local laundromat, and some quality library time to catch up papers and a bit of writing!

I love seeking out libraries in towns I’ve never been to, and in Valdosta, GA, was surprised to see a full-service coffee shop in the lobby! Bonus.

No Work, No Rules

Rule #1 for the retired vagabond life is there are no rules…about where you need to be and when. Case in point: Was hoping to make it to my brother’s house north of Tampa today but bad weather rolling into their area gave me an excuse (not that I needed one) to cut today’s leg short and park it for the night.

Wal-Mart has been the freeloading, er, boondocking site of choice when en route to somewhere, but apparently the bad side of RVers continued long enough to where Wal-Marts are beginning to ban overnight parking across the country. Cabelas and Cracker Barrels offer good alternates (better in some ways, less so in others). Tonight Tamasté is spending the night in the rear lot of a Cracker Barrel in Valdosta, Georgia to wait the passing of the storm for a safer arrival tomorrow.

Can’t complain with 62 degrees outside and a homestyle meal (and yes, I escaped the deadly grip of their desserts…even the warm pecan pie with salted nut caramel ice cream on top…barely). Good Tamasté, good Gary.

Day One

Day One of my long-waited, full-time van life began in a brisk, 26 degree Ann Arbor morning and ended in Heiskill, Tennessee and its promising 50 degrees. First leg on the get-down-to-Florida’s-warmth trip.

And to celebrate the event, overnighting at Raccoon Valley RV, an Escapees Club park, and enjoying a dinner of a cold Alaskan Amber Ale paired with an RV-convection oven pizza! Well, the beer was good at least. And sadly, nary a raccoon sighted.