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Spring's New Hope

Spring is always a time of rebirth in nature, and usually most of us begin to smile again coming out of winter's doldrums. This spring, however, there's so much more hope in the air: vaccine's are rolling out like crazy, and signs of a new normal are now less out of focus and not as much a dark and muddy picture.
In the recent past, knowing someone who was starting the vaccine shots was uncommon, while being jealous of them very common. Now almost everyone I know just got started or has an appointment set. Good timing, for all of us.
With spring comes thoughts of travel and time in nature, too. Already mulling over some camping trips up north in Michigan, but not quite there. Still want to wait for my second shot and the subsequent two-week anti-bodies settling in period before I can consider such a luxury. Oh, and of course, old man winter isn't done with us yet, despite the birds chirping, chipmunks chipmunking, sun shining and the annual hope that spring is finally here. Soon though, real soon now.
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10 Fresh Bits for Your Distraction…

  1. Photos — Jill Krementz's amazing images of female authors. #womenshistorymonth
  2. WartimeWomen in combat, photo journal. #womenshistorymonth
  3. Drawing"The show that's a class that's a club - for kids!" Looks like a lot of fun. Maybe I can pretend to be 8 again and sign up.
  4. Creative7 questions, 75 artists, 1 very bad year. How did they stay creative and sane?
  5. Hubble — What's the Hubble telescope looking at right now?
  6. Culture — This one is cool but comes with a warning: deep rabbit hole. Meta search site for free-use images from major museums and libraries.
  7. RealityAn attitude/philosophy that everyone on this planet could use. Seeing the Big Picture.
  8. Yummy — When things get weird, tough, or sad, do this.
  9. Repairs — In a world where most anything is sometimes more fascinating that staring at four walls, Repair Shop TV show is refreshing.
  10. Creativity — Who says the quotidian of our lives can't be creative? Not this woman.
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As you can tell, I found plenty of memorable bits in this book (and only half-way through it.). A signature book on finding peace and unlocking one's potential. So timely, since we all have so much times on our hands to improve ourselves. Link to learn more, but please instead buy from your local indie bookstore if interested. We all need them to be there when our new normal gets here.
Until next time, be safe, be cool, be kind.
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