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Sunshine & Optimism

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As vaccinations increase across the country, and the sun shines more these days, we can't help but feel optimistic about this spring and summer. Will we finally be able to go out safely a bit more? Hope so, but still we need to continue our focus on masking, distancing, and common sense, even if our new, perky vaccine-built anti-bodies are ready to defend.

When we're able to get out, temptation will be there to do too many things, too often, or stretch common sense. But what makes the most sense, at least to me, is to focus on one thing at a time and slowly change to doing more. Baby steps, if you will, are the sensible order of the day.

Focused attention is the best approach for lots of things. When we concentrate on only one thing at a time, we're able to listen deeply (externally and internally) and then make the best choice. Taking on too much at once encourages quick decisions, which may or may not be a good thing. When we're present-minded and moment-focused, we're connecting with the right things and staying in balance.

8 Fresh Bits for Your Distraction…

  1. Inspiration — DailyOM inspirational article emailed to you free to feed your day with positive and happy thoughts. Register free here.
  2. McRibBoy, I loved these whenever McDonald's sold them. Now I eat healthy and sadly avoid them, but if a fav of yours, check this out.
  3. CoolCouple of timely things to stare at: live feed of Iceland volcano, and/or Suez Canal live tracker (what a mess...).
  4. GranolaCan't imagine why people still buy this when making (and customizing) is so simple.
  5. Nerf WMFFrom the "too much time on their hands" file: inventors of wildly creative nerf blasters, or Weapons of Mass Fun.
  6. Elton JohnInsights and anecdotes on how this super star & Bernie Taupin worked their magic. Check out the 1997 video there of Elton creating a new song on the fly... using instructions on how to use an oven. Amazing.
  7. Guinea Pigs — Own one? Then you'll want some of these. I don't have a g.p., but watched the fun video several times anyway. Guaranteed smiles.
  8. Beatles movieA fan? Who isn't. If you haven't watched this sneak-peek of Peter Jackson's upcoming Get Back documentary, then add it now (at the top) of your to-do list. Trust me on this one.
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Book Recommendation

New York, New York, New York book by Thomas Dyja
If you love visiting New York City as I do, then you may enjoy a deep dive into its varied, and ugly past. I didn't know NYC was such an awful place not too many decades ago, but it's a fascinating read from Thomas Dyja on how they pulled out from those bad decades. Not a fan of the gentrification and diversity losses it took to recover though. Amazon link (but please grab a copy instead from your local indie bookstore).
Be safe, be cool, be kind...and be happy.
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