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March arrived. Can spring be far behind?

Speaking of Spring Signs

One of my delights living in southern Michigan are the chipmunks! I know, I know...those who live in the woods know they can be pests. But so cute...and so bloody fast! I like squirrels. too, but chippies never fail to make me smile.
Yesterday sitting at the breakfast room table on the southern side, a sunny warm place to be on winter mornings, I saw my first chippie of 2021! A bit early, but there he was.
Sometimes when walking around my co-op I'll hear this loud barking from who knows where. Tracking it down, expecting a small dog, it's a chippie perched on a fence post or a stoop's corner, barking away. Not sure he's mate-calling or warning the tribe, but despite his size, he is LOUD!


10 Fresh Bits for Your Distraction…

  1. FlowWhat is it? Who needs it? Short answer: we all benefit when we’re in flow versus fighting against the current.
  2. SummerHope strings eternal, they say…and this Atlantic article predicts a wonderful summer, despite you-know-what.
  3. TasksGet past those intimidating todos with this mental trick.
  4. TechnologyGrab some geeky optimism in a year thin on that feeling with these 10 breakthroughs predicted.
  5. LiterarymeistersThink you’re well-read? Take this quiz on famous literature passages. Most I recognized, but couldn’t name the source on many.
  6. DistractionWe need this now: cool Internet search site returning film-related clip images that match your search...even objects! Check it out.
  7. IcebergsDraw an iceberg to see if it floats. Mouse-draw your dream iceberg shape and see how it floats. Yea, that's all it does, but still cool.
  8. GoatsAs in, surfing with them. I have no words.
  9. Cats — Apparently, we should live more like them. Sorry, dog lovers, I didn’t write this article.
  10. Camino — If you’ve hiked it, or want to, you’ll enjoy Stuart Lennon’s ongoing essay series . Requires subscription, but well worth it. Nota bene: Stu’s the proprietor of Nero’s Notes and cohost of a fav podcast: 1857.
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Book Recommendation

Can't think of a better book to recommend to creatives during these times. I've devoured every page of this gem and keep coming back to it. Recommended. Painter? Sketcher? Sculpter? Writer? Musician? ___? Doesn't matter how you create... you need this book.
Until next time, be safe, be cool, be kind.
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