Coffee & Motorcycles

I love it when I stumble on a shop or store pulling off a hybrid approach to things.

This morning in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I stopped at Rust is Gold, a coffee shop (excellent coffee, btw) blended with the owner’s and worker’s two passions: racing and working on vintage motorcycles, and good coffee. They mostly work on their own bikes, but locals know them as a place to stop and borrow a tool or chat about a repair, or even collaborate on an upgrade.

I’m not a biker, although I wished I’d learn to ride in my youth. If I had, I’m sure I would have owned a string of motorcycles over the years. Much, much later in life I took a quick, intro course a local motorcycle shop gave to screen would-be riders who wanted to learn to ride later in life. Nope. Wasn’t anywhere near coordinated enough to learn all that. Plus, as I’ve heard from motorcycle friends, back in the day it was easier and safer to learn to ride. Now they tend to discourage people from learning since it’s significantly more dangerous to ride these days.

Anyway, if you are a motorbike fan, then enjoy the gallery below of their set up. If not, and in the area sometime, stop in for a great cup of coffee.