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Riana Campground on Abiquiu Lake
At Riana Campground on Abiquiu Lake with the famed Cerro Pedernal mesa in the background

I seem to be constantly revisiting this magical place in northern New Mexico for some reason. This is my…fourth? fifth? trip here, but each time I feel the urge to buy land or small house and base from here. But, as we all know, now is probably one of the worst times to purchase real estate, and this area’s land or house asking prices are at record levels.

Abiquiu is place you either love or don’t get the attraction. It is certainly not a bustling community with a 2019 census population of 151, maybe making it to 500 or so if one counts the surrounding areas. But it is home to numerous creative types along with a small hispanic and indian population. Seems to be a tourist destination of sorts, too, with the long-term tie to Georgia O’Keefe and the related Ghost Ranch learning and nature center down a road a bit.

Abiquiu is isolated but does not feel remote. Despite the demographics, the buzz and activities at Ghost Ranch, Bode’s in downtown Abiquiu seem to belie the small population count. “Downtown” is a generous word here, since that only includes Bode’s gas station/eatery/grocery/retail store, the post office, a library, the Abiquiu Inn, a health clinic, plus a few outlying places. Taos is 80 minutes away and Sante Fe a bit over an hour south. Access to things you need periodically, including serious enjoyment in arts and culture, is in either place via scenic drives through this marvelous country.

I feel a connection here to the Earth and its amazing geography and to the spirits or those intrepid ancestors of locals who struggled to survive in this bleak, but beautiful, country. And for me it is also a place of calmness, a retreat from stress and too many people and issues. Between amazing hiking or an environment conducive to going within to write (or for many here…paint, sculpt, or create through photography), the land softly hugs my soul while comforting the spirit.

If you haven’t read my other posts with tons of photos from previous visits, check out my New Mexico image portfolio page with links to previous posts for more of my insights. Be sure to watch the two-minute video below of the drive from Bode’s in Abiquiu to Riana Campground on Abiquiu lake, plus two amazing photos at the end.

Drive from Abiquiu to Riana Campground
(sorry for the bug-splattered windshield…I should clean it before shooting videos through it!)