Perfection is Subjective

My dearth of posts (two months!) isn’t because I’ve been in hiding!

The planning and prepping for the new camper van, plus the opportunity to continue minimizing my stuff at home before traveling, averted my mind away from writing and blogging.

Starting today, I will be writing frequent posts on my adventures and the highs and lows of near-full-time van life. And of course, commentary and insights on other non-van-life stuff.

Today is the 14th day since adopting VanGeist, a spunky puppy of a camper van. Technically, it’s a Winnebago Solis Pocket, a mere 17’-10” long, but drives more like a car than a big van. I still giggle a bit whenever I turn it in tight quarters or park in a normal space. So easy and fun to drive. That is one of the many reasons why this van is the perfect vehicle for me to get back to my nomadic ways and continue wandering America (and soon, hopefully, Canada, too). The features missing for my needs I’ve either added via mods or will complete in late October when LandedGear in San Diego installs several things I can’t do myself.

At the moment, I’m undecided on whether to launch another YouTube channel for VanGeist, but that’s a possibility. For the latest blog posts, stay tuned here (subscribe for automatic email updates in the footer below) or follow me on Instagram.