Summer Solstice

Each year I typically recognize this milestone nature moment but rarely remember on the correct day! This time I finally noticed it was yesterday, June 20, officially although for the Northern Hemisphere it can range each year from June 20 to 23.

Traditionally, it’s a time to reflect on past seasons and new growth ahead. It’s the day the sun’s at its highest and from here it begins a slow, steady lowering toward winter. Not sure I really want to think about winter right now, but it’s part of our cycle (and I truly love winter, so not really complaining).

I could retell the history behind the Summer Solstice, but this morning’s DailyOM newsletter covered it well. I think I’ll be a wee bit lazy and just link to their post.

Hope you have sunny weather today and can spare some time to soak up some sunshine. Spend a few moments to reflect on past seasons and embrace your own anticipated personal growth in the days and months ahead.