Between Earth and Sky

This is the place where we humans dwell. It’s where we eat, sleep, love, and create. And like all sentient beings, for the time being we don’t venture beyond either border, but eventually, inevitably, we do.

Another way to look at this is these two boundaries define our existence, our now. While both earth and sky are sometimes beautiful beyond description, they can also be angry, violent, and ugly, and all shades in between. So it is with our now, with how we each choose to spend our time.

As I begin this new phase of nomadic journeying once again, this is the zone of my focus. Each day as I rise with the sun, express gratitude for still being here (still above ground, so to speak), I will quietly remind myself to enjoy each minute as it unfolds, until the sky turns dark and it’s time once again to sleep.

People ask me what my plan is for this type of travel ahead, and the answer is, that. It’s a daily plan, and it’s a framework to stay present minded and ensure I enjoy the journey.

It’s that simple, yet still challenging.