This Is Why

My posts here have been few and far between, and will likely continue as such through May.


Because Project Obie, that’s why!

New Subaru Outback that I’m doing a solo camper conversion in the back in anticipation of (finally) getting back on the road for some nature exploration. The when is taking off around June 10, the where is T.B.D., but likely heading West from here in Michigan.

Hoping to create a lot of videos enroute (maybe even with a drone!) shard via a new YouTube channel, and of course, blog here about it as I did in 2019 wandering in Tamasté.

Shots below show my first steps in reworking the interior (bed frame prototype), and the one at right what I’m modeling the build-out after. There’s so much more to this than just the woodworking… but that’s for another day and another post.