Gold From The Sky

Today was a beautiful, clear sky 70-degree day in the sunshine. I spent several vitamin-D soaking hours walking the trails of the University of Michigan’s (UofM) Nichols Arboretum in Ann Arbor, a place I’ve not been to before. Felt so good after the long winter, and these first days of such spring weather truly feel like there’s gold falling from the sky.

Being Easter, the arboretum was crowded, but its 123 acres absorb a lot of visitors allowing people to spread out. Usually I find the less-used trails anyway, so the crowd was minimal to me. I enjoyed periods of walking offset by moments just sitting and absorbing, meditating, journaling, or merely people watching.

Despite the sunshine and warm temperature, we’re not in spring yet and the trees are still quite barren. I hadn’t been here before, but considering how dense the forest I can imagine it’s going to be a glorious walk when the green bursts forth in a month.

I love the diversity of people one finds in Ann Arbor, and today’s’ arboretum time really showed that off, a veritable cornucopia of diversity. The UofM students were thick of course, many sunbathed while others enjoyed sports, singing, studying or just holding hands and strolling the paths. There were people of all colors and some clusters looked like religious/church groups based on dressing alike. There was even a smattering of Amish (or perhaps they were Mennonites) out enjoying the sun as well.

A perfect outing, except for the bane of far too many people going maskless. I, in my usual mode of walking, kept a mask looped on my ears and under my chin until close to others. Sign of our times sadly, but visible proof why Ann Arbor’s county is still in the red zone on contagions. Sigh.

Still, that observation couldn’t dampen my first hike through these woods. Will I go here again? Of course…do you even have to ask?