Modern Dating

Photo by and DocuSign on Unsplash

In one sense, these last six scary years we’ve lived through have one upside, albeit it somewhat perverse: it’s simplified modern dating.

In the old days of online dating, places like provided a shopping experience through biased profiles we hoped were accurate (and some were). But as with many things, the scary part was what you didn’t know from those profiles until much later.

Fast forward to now and we have the convenience of three sure-fire questions from which the answers will reveal those critical “didn’t know” issues:

  1. Who did you vote for in 2016? (And partially negating bonus points possible for reversing that vote in 2020.)
  2. When the pandemic hit, did you believe in the science and properly mask up and adopt social distancing?
  3. Did you get “the” vaccination and still mask-up/distance?

I, with a slight tongue-in-cheek, propose that the correct answers to just these three questions will reveal volumes about a prospective match and give you that much-needed green light to proceed. Such responses can quickly reveal these critical facts: the other’s intelligence, their respect for other’s rights and needs regardless of gender, color, religion, etc., and awareness of your perfect match’s potential for contributing to the healing of Earth and creating a better future for everyone.

Perhaps and eHarmony should consider these simplified profile questions instead of their lengthy, out-dated approach. Think of all the data-related cost savings they could enjoy, plus members’ ability to more easily cull the wheat from the chaff. Now if they’d only do something about insisting on authentic, they-look-like-this-now photos, we’d have a win-win.

Nota-bene:  The above silly/serious insight came to me in a dream, but don't ask me to explain why it showed up. Years and years ago I used those two online services, but otherwise the above does not relate to my current reality, although those certainly are things I'd want to know if in that position.