A Journey of Now

Time flies, as the saying goes. I can’t believe it’s almost March 2021 At a time in life when I want to slow time, getting past the pandemic can’t happen too soon. If you asked me what was the one, single big thing the mentality of retirement changes, I’d tell you it’s how different I feel, sense, and enjoy time than before.

My awareness of what I do and how I spend time is helping to open up thoughts for deeper reflection and to finding new paths of opportunity. While I have much to do and write about in my days ahead, I’ve learned not to think of life as what we do to get somewhere, but a slower absorption and savor of the moments as they happen.

In my youth, I thought, as many of my peers did, the wisdom of “it’s not about the destination but all about the journey” was, well, lame. In those days focusing on the goal, the target, the outcome seemed singularly important, and you did what you did to achieve it.

When you’re young and energetic—unlike the older “car” our lives eventually become, the one that still runs, is fairly dependable, looks decent, but requires frequent maintenance—, the “car” of our youth seemed to never need repairs, always looked great, ran fast, and the chicks loved it when you put the top down and the wind danced through their hair.

Still, I’m happy where I am now and in a better place than in my youth. As I take each step on this path of now, I notice how the ground beneath my feet connects to the Earth in my purposeful walk upon it. How much more I notice of the forest surrounding me and the natural delights from her, ones continuing to amaze and delight from slowing down and taking time to notice.

Life is good, and soaking up each moment is the only way to travel this journey of now.