Gotta Love Analog Timers

In my writing practice (and tea making!) I use several electronic timers, and sometimes my iPhone’s clock app, to ensure I don’t forget to stop. A favorite for writing work is this countdown/count-up one I got because it has a switch to change from beep to vibrate. So nice to avoid an obnoxious, harpy-like beep.

This digital sidekick at the left is one I use for writing sprints, or to ensure pomodoro-like break reminders to get up and move around a bit. I’ve also used it sometimes for timing my morning pages… until now.

I’ll let this unedited snippet from this morning’s journal work tell the rest of this tale:

Trying a timed approach to morning pages using my new, 30-minute sand timer. Fun analog toy that may help improve my ambience when long-hand writing. Too many toys and tools can lead us apart from the core intention of any activity, but in this case the old school hourglass timer is my patient, but watchful, “mentor” reminding me to keep the hand moving and not stop until the sands run out in 30 minutes.

I’ll continue trying out the sand timer for morning pages since the whole analog vibe it imbues is enjoyable. I noticed it helps push me a little further, whereas untimed morning pages sessions sometimes see me bail out early, eager to get to fresh article drafts or pick up working on a piece left unfinished from the day before.