New Feature: Journey Image Portfolios!

I’m excited about sharing these new travel picture portfolios with readers! While I use photography in my travel posts, there’s always so many more images taken than ever show up here. So… I decided to create single pages highlighting various interesting places I’ve been. I’m calling them “Image Portfolios” and you can get to them via the top menu: Subjects/Image Portfolios/<portfolios>.

I plan on these being one of the benefits of paid Supporter membership, but for now, the first four are publicly viewable: Hawaii, Ireland, New Mexico, and Ohio Renaissance Faire. As of this posting, only the Ren Faire has extended pictures (meaning, well-beyond those previously share in posts here). I’m working on expanding the other three with images not yet shared here, so check back and enjoy some excellent pandemic armchair travel fun! After all, it’s not like we can go anywhere anytime soon…

Screen shot, Portfolios: Renaissance Faire page.