Curatives for the Soul: Part 1 – Journaling

A four-part series exploring supportive habits to help ease our paths through life: journaling, meditation, nature immersion, and positive philosophy.
Artist: Jonathan Wolstenholme

Days when I journal followed by meditation are ones filled with more peace, creative flow, and open thinking than days when they’re absent. These seemingly simple and passive activities quietly combine into powerful curatives for the soul (at least in my experience).

The question “why journal?” has both complex and simple answers. The simple answer? Journaling is a helpful way to record your thoughts and actions you can later reflect on, or simply use as historical records. The complex answer can be anything from psychological benefits in dealing with grief, depression, anxiety, and more, to an outlet for venting frustrations with the world, a person, or a situation. Either way it’s a pathway to your inner self and a method to document uncensored thoughts, desires, and plans. If you want to dive deeper into the why, Google “why journal” to learn more.

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  1. I love journalling too. And while I find monthly spreads useful, I also am only drawn to the practice because of the daily free-writing aspect of it. It helps slow my thoughts down, and that’s how I work through things that are bothering me. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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