Now The Healing Begins

Our national nightmare will finally be over today: Trump’s rampage of destruction to this country and its people finally ends today with the inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris.

But the story isn’t over: the Republican radical and anarchistic right will continue to plague us, and let no one assume Biden can, in his first four years, reverse the terrible destruction from the last four years. Everything got worse from the environment to the impact on the lives of non-wealthy Americans, the opening of racial wounds and open public displays of hate, to the decimation of morals and truth wrought on this country by Trump, his unqualified appointees, and some Republican leaders (especially those who aided and abetted him in the attempted overthrow of the proven fair and just election and capitol desecration on January 6).

History proves we as a nation are resilient and will eventually move on from this, but it’s going to take time. Hopefully, as the dozens and dozens of likely indictments, trials, and sentencing on those from Trump down through the government come to bear, more will realize the depth of the destruction and understand better. Healing can’t just be Democrats forgiving; there must be Republicans held to justice and Republicans willing to unify truly for the country’s sake and not, as recent history exposes, solely for their political careers and a last-ditch effort to save face over the devastation from backing Trump, their obvious reasons now for suddenly crying “unity.”

Right now, though, at least we can breathe a collective sigh as things will begin to improve, beginning with a President who will act like a real president and get our pandemic response under control. That’s the key piece of a long and arduous path to recovery, and not just to save lives and suffering, but to get us back to work and businesses reopening. There’s hope ahead after all.