Guided Journal Fun

I’m not usually a fan of guided journals. Writing prompts in general are helpful, but a guided effort in a bound-book is not something I would use. Such preprinted journal pages guide someone through various activities and exercises toward a thematic purpose, e.g., life correcting, internally therapy, goal development, and many others. Not saying these aren’t helpful for many, just not something I find useful for myself.

Until now.

As a journaler in active practice going back many decades, I’ve never felt the need to be led by such guidances. Not one for whom writer’s block ever existed, I never struggle to get words down on paper, be it paper or digital.

So it’s a much a surprise to me as it might be to you who see this post’s opening image depicting two distinctive and obvious guiding journals. I recently purchased Pilgrim Soul’s Creative Thinking Journal, and The Hero’s Journal and will soon begin working through them.

Creative Thinking Journal

Creative thinking, like critical thinking, is a bit of a lost art. While I experienced mentors and courses that encouraged both through my education, I noticed these were somewhat absent in my kid’s schooling. Both are skills that come innately for some, but can be taught and encouraged in others, ones that should be taught to kids these days. While it’s a skill I think I have and do okay with (and sometimes well), it doesn’t hurt to exercise those specific mind muscles now and then.

Touted as a journal to use while under a light influence from cannabis, the authors make the argument that doing so helps remove inhibitions and better unlock our innate creative abilities. The journal consists of a lot of unusual, out-of-the-box-thinking exercises intended to change how we think about thinking. Check it out here for more details.

The Hero’s Journal

This journal’s fun approach gamifies a journey of efforts to reach a specific goal. Covering three months of daily entries, it’s a whimsical, character-based approach to tracking one’s efforts toward meeting a goal.

Using characters, fun artwork, and fantasy/journey related quotes, the journal takes you through a daily process of assessing, assigning, encouraging, and tracking progress toward your goal. While the urge to use cannabis may heighten results is there with the Creative Thinking Journal, the only temptation I see in using The Hero’s Journal is the delightful procrastination from pulling out my colored pencils, and coloring in the artwork! Check out the journal here for more details.


Being a fan and lover of anything to do with journaling, these two tempted me past the “Hmmm…” stage and through the rabbit hole abyss we all know too well as “shopping cart checkout.” I’ll post a future update on how these two journaling efforts turn out, but I’m eager to jump in and see what happens.