Turning the Page Never Mattered So Much

writing desk
Writing desk cleaned, organized, and awaiting the muse

It’s finally here. At last, as a civilization, we get to turn the page on the toughest year in my, and likely most everyone’s lifetime: 2020.

Now that 2021 is under our feet, we can embrace the hopes and dreams for a better year. 2020 was by any measure a destructive year, made worse by the greed, corruption, and untruths from our government party in control. So many more lives lost and untold hundreds of thousands more suffered unnecessarily amplified from the ineptness of said party. But now we can hope all those are just part of the dwindling view in our collective rearview mirrors. So let’s raise and clink glasses to celebrate 2020’s departure and the greatest coming milestone in recent history: inauguration day, January 20, 2021.

The year saw many reground themselves in what’s really important, despite too many demonstrating an ugly reveal of ignorance in science, trust in those who knew nothing while ignoring those who were experts, and the absence of human decency to protect others. But some of us read more than most years, learned how to focus on what’s needed versus what’s wanted, rekindled and reinvigorated relationships, held close and relearned the importance of family and close friends, and woke each morning feeling grateful to be alive and another day safe from the invading virus.

It’s not lost on me that after a blog hiatus of over six months I chose this day, New Year’s Day, to reboot this blog. It’s a pivotal day for starting plans and habits to see me through this next year. For those who knew about Notegeist, my online stationery shop, its shutdown was part of the plan to free time up to get back to my long-ignored creative plans for writing, sketching, traveling, and doing a much better job at self-care.

Probably not the most entertaining or enlightening blog post for you reading this, but its an important moment for me to symbolically drive a stake into the Earth, one with a metaphorical rope attached I’ll pull along this year to help keep me grounded and going forward with my 2021 plans. Stay tuned; should be interesting.

One thought on “Turning the Page Never Mattered So Much

  1. Kim

    Happy New Year!
    I took great delight yesterday in trashing my 2020 calendars. 🙂
    Here’s to a creative year!

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