You-Don’t-Love-Me-Anymore Syndrome

Late last year, I sold the RV and bought a new Subaru Crosstrek. Love my new ride, and was looking forward to some serious road trips come warmer weather. Plus, plans were to add a Thule roof box and do some serious backwoods camping, too.

Fast-forward to life-as-we-now-know-it-now and not only are those dreams on hold, but I’m rarely driving my beloved Subie. Outside of the every 10 days Trader Joe’s runs, it sits idle, alone, in my complex parking spot. Abandoned, so to speak.

When I go by it on the way to my daily walks, I can faintly hear it whimpering, “You don’t write, you don’t call, you don’t love me anymore!” Yeah, not really hearing that, but these days daydreaming and imagination have to fill in for the entertainment void.

But, there’s hope.

My sketching friend TK reminded me it’s not only possible, but does work, to drive somewhere, sit in the car, and sketch. There’s even a hashtag for this rebellious activity:  #USkincar (USK is the acronym for Urban Sketching).

So don’t fret Subie, my pal:  we’ll start having some play dates ahead while I sit in your comfy seats and sketch something cool that’s on the other side of the windshield. Beats having to sit somewhere public and sketch while wearing the latest in face mask fashion.

4 thoughts on “You-Don’t-Love-Me-Anymore Syndrome

  1. Tina Koyama

    Sit on the passenger side with sketch kit on the driver’s seat, and you’ll have a full-fledged mobile studio like mine. 😉

    1. I thought the steering wheel would make a good, rigid place to set the sketchbook, but thinking about it, one could get too excited during the thrill of the sketch and press too hard, sounding the horn.

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