Sunday, April 19 – Journal Snippets

More unedited bits from my journal this week. Sharing these helps keep me encouraged try to journal something every day. These Sunday posts also give me a concise weekly review of the more impactful journal moments.


April 13 – Nights, and bed times, come sooner when my day begins at 5! If this were indeed a monastery, my day would begin even earlier and in bed before dark. Not much different to what’s now.


April 15 – More strange, conflict dreams last night. They say dreaming increases during a crisis like this, with mostly restless bad dreams. But I contend my increase in embracing a stoic philosophy may simply be removing opportunities for negative thoughts, thus they are coming out more in my dreams instead. Eh…it’s a theory.


April 15 – Work ahead is necessary to settle direction and foundation. Past the “wonder when” phase and feel it’s now starting the “be like this indefinitely” phase.


April 16 – Walk today bubbled up some good thoughts about an ideal day’s structure for me:  mornings creating (writing), afternoon mechanics, evenings relaxing, reflecting, reading. Whether this is doable and sustainable remains to be be seen.


April 17 – Day by day mentality still working well and filling time with productive, relaxing, and reflective moments.


April 18 – Outside on back patio with sunshine! Yesterday a blizzard, today sunshine and blue skies. Michigan spring, I guess.


Are you journaling in these dark times? Let me know if you are in the comments, or if you’re just starting and have questions.

Journaling is not only cheap therapy and a useful (and safe) place to rant, cuss, blast this or that person…or it can be a great way to encourage your own actions and behaviors. Doesn’t matter how or in what. Some like journaling at the end of the day to capture what you did, what you thought, etc., others start their day journaling.

Either way, the most important thing is to just start and write down your thoughts every day. Consistency makes a big difference between journaling being just a diary and one with more reflective observations.

2 thoughts on “Sunday, April 19 – Journal Snippets

  1. Tina Koyama

    I’ve written more in my journal the past 5 weeks than I think I did all last year! The first couple weeks was mostly self-therapy. Since then, it’s been more productive — thinking about how much I enjoy this enforced stay-at-home time (except for that pesky deadly virus part) and, more important, how I want to selectively add things back in when this is all over. I don’t want to simply go back to what was normal then. And that monastic life? Forget it. I used to get up at 5 a.m. for a Jazzercise class pre-pandemic. Now I enjoy getting up whenever the sun comes up (light comes straight through the roof window). That early-morning class is one of the things I will not be adding back in.

    1. You must not be a morning person! I didn’t use to be, but have discovered it’s my most productive, creative time of the day. Hope your journaling continues on after we’re back to normal (whatever it is our normal will be).

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