Sunday, April 12 – Journal Snippets

Some unedited bits from my journal this week. I’m not sharing them because they’re ponderous or brilliant thoughts, but to make me accountable to keep journaling through the week. These Sunday posts will give me a bit of a review of the week’s thoughts to reflect on over time.

April 5 – Do the work (the voice in my head says).
But what is the work? (I ask.)
It’s that which you must do; that which is why you breathe the air.
But how will I know?
By not asking and just doing.

April 6 – With dawn comes a new day, a new chance for creativity and reflection. Unless you haven’t cleared out the cobwebs and baggage from your head space the night before, do that first, then enjoy a clean, empty mind to contemplate things.

Creative private space/time is more challenging at home without a means to write remotely. Con’t see why I can’t take a thermos, chair, and backpack and head to the woods for a few hours to write.

April 7 – Decided to rearrange room to add an analogue desk – always wanted that. Since I’m going to be in that room the majority of days ahead, might as well make it better, more supportive (encouraging the work). [nota bene: desk ordered; upcoming post will highlight the new studio setup]

April 8 – Enjoyed handwriting several new letters and wondering who else I can write to?

April 9 – Up too early (3:30) via weird dream. Nothing to worry about, buy lying down wouldn’t chase it away. So up and making coffee.

April 10 – I think I have an old, Scottish soul. Else why would I be so drawn to walking travelogues from that part of the UK? Really, most anything British Isles involving country life and quaint villages, and slower, time-held lives that seem immune, or at least, sheltered, from our plugged-in, distraction-oriented modern lives?…Although on my bucket list–an extended Scottish Highlands trip–part of me is afraid I would be tempted not to come back.

April 11 – Thought earlier how I’ve always wanted the solitude & experience of a monastic retreat without the religious rituals. Now I have that opportunity, via being house-bound, if I want to further sequester in to a routine of study & writing in my room.

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  1. Was talking to my daughter yesterday about the challenges of social isolation. I mentioned that I know a couple of people who seem to be doing well with it, one of them being you. And she said, “well Mom he’s a woke introvert.” There’s your compliment for the day. ;->

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