Sunday, April 5 – Journal Snippets

Some unedited bits from my journal this week. I’m not sharing them because they’re ponderous or brilliant thoughts, but to make me accountable to keep journaling through the week. These Sunday posts will give me a bit of a review of the week’s thoughts to reflect on over time.

March 30 – Up earlier than alarmed for, but compelled to get up and work. These days it’s helpful to have a driver to keep going forward and stay mentally active and busy. I’ve lifted my concern that if not writing something worldly I’m not really writing. BS to that stale, rotting attitude: all wordsmithing and idea-to-paper (even if digital) is part the writing work, the exercise that leads to a better writing muscle.

April 1 – Finding more works long forgotten that I’d like to read, so pushing book orders to local bookshop Literati to help keep them alive to return after the world resumes. Feels good (right) to break from Amazon for book habits.

April 3 – Highlight today of a feel-good moment is getting three [handwritten] letters written….Be curious to see who writes back.

April 4 – The paradox of worldwide suffering matched to personal reflective and creative opportunities makes for strange bedfellows to try to find something useful in this crisis…Is there guilt in seeing the opportunity of sheltered time when so many suffer and so many more currently unaware will undoubtedly suffer?