What Day is This? Must be Blurgmuffday.

After I retired at the end of 2018, one of the first things I noticed was apathy regarding which day of the week it was. That previously important knowledge was a construct needed because of work-life stuff, like when to go to work, how close was the weekend, when to take kids to activities, attend scheduled social engagements, dentist, doctors, etc. Basically, a lot of choreography rooted in a system relying on week days labeled to keep things straight.

During my subsequent year of RV roaming, this lack of which-day-is-it knowledge got worse (the Zennie in me says “got better”) as one day was much the same as any other. Campsite reservations or access to RV-related services were the primary reasons I needed a passing awareness whether tomorrow was a Monday or Friday. Other than that, any day could be called Blurgmuffday for all it mattered to me.

Now, in my stay-at-home life, day names are once again fairly useless. Which I don’t think is a bad thing. Some have taken to thinking we’re all living the Groundhog Day movie, where we’re in an endless loop, same day after same day.

What helps our mental and emotional survival in these dark times is to focus on being present minded in the now and embracing a one-day-at-a-time approach to living. Honestly, that’s the true extent of what each of us can control on what we can do and how we choose spend our time. Beyond that, we’d be constantly shifting from what we can control to struggling with only how we react to everything else. And in the rapidly changing landscape outside (look how things have rapidly changed and altered over the mere weeks we’ve been in stay-at-home mode), provide more reasons to toss your anchor out each day rather than sail in the someday-hopes of finding safe shore.

While I am planning out things for a week at a time, largely to block out activities to ensure progress, the focus is on my daily routine. I’m not dwelling on when this will be over, just on what I will do today (and in the evenings, planting a few mental seeds for the next day). I’m not giving any weight to what others say or predict we’ll be in or out of danger, when we’ll reach the other side of the slope, or when things will get back to normal. Just being here and now. (Hint: I don’t think things will ever be normal, as in, how they were before. And ideally, I don’t think they should be. A rare, wake-up-call event like this should be enough to compel humanity to fix our and the planet’s problems.)

So as I wake up each morning, I asked myself to focus on today, called “Day,” instead of…wait a sec. I have this…uh, Thursday? Yes, that’s right (I cheated: I had to look at the laptop calendar as I wrote this).

That’s all I can control, and that’s as far as I want to look ahead. At least for now.

4 thoughts on “What Day is This? Must be Blurgmuffday.

  1. miatagrrl

    Don’t you still get weekly garbage pickup? 😉 That’s my only remaining weekly marker, and I’m grateful for it.

    1. We do, but since it’s a complex, never aware of when trash or recycle day happens, so not a marker here! I guess the only one I have is the Sunday New York Times. So I guess my life is tracked as one Sunday followed by six Blurgmuffdays. 😉

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