Sunday, March 29 – Journal Snippets

Some unedited bits from my journal this week. I’m not sharing them because they’re ponderous or brilliant thoughts, but to make me accountable to keep journaling through the week. These Sunday posts will give me a bit of a review of the week’s thoughts to reflect on over time.

March 23 – The secret, I believe, is in acceptance and going with the flow. Fretting over things and constraints out of one’s control does not help at all. Having faith [not the religious kind] in letting things work out while living in a common-sense manner is key to survival and sanity.

March 25 – Earlyish start that enabled a solo walk in the woods at a time when the sun was still below treetops. The stark contrast of a forest of denuded trees as silent, sleeping nature created a texture across the sky as the sun shone through where it could. … I need to be sketching the pond, albeit sticks shooting out of the water at the moment with little color. But soon that renewing blush of green will begin, become a bloom, then permeate the whole of the forest. I hope I can experience the joy of seeing that slow progression occur across the days to come.

March 28 – Day whatever of staying inside. Work continues on acceptance and using the time wisely and beneficially. Will I look back on this period, content with the work done? … What is certain is the value of not seeing this time as restrictive, but as one for creative and intellectual growth.

March 29 – Up early, with intentions to experiment with and work toward a morning routing. Not as early as I’d hoped, but realizing I have to get to bed/sleep much earlier if I’m going to make this early writing time work.

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