Fresh Bits 3/27: Interesting Things to Do and Read

This is a new series I’m starting on Fridays for fresh bits of things to do over the weekend and beyond. Each Friday I’ll share collated interesting things to read or do found on other blogs, e-newsletters, and the like.

Signs of spring?

Today’s fresh bits include advice for the isolated-in-place, things to do with stationery stuff, creative distractions, reading ideas, and more.

  1. Soothing coloring therapy. The New York Academy of Medicine has a library of links to coloring pages and books from around the world.
  2. Fountain pen user? Nice list of things to do with your fountain pens during your stay-at-home period, courtesy of the Fountain Pen Love site.
  3. Have kids at home and want to draw with them? A guide on resources from Austin Kleon.
  4. Love books? Missing your in-person book club? Lots of virtual equivalents to previous social activities are popping up, and here’s one for book club lovers.
  5. Lovers of nature, creativity, and just plain intellectual thinking should subscribe to Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings. Subscribe here, or just visit her site to wander for hours and days. Great stuff!
  6. Timely (rediscovered) wisdom from the acclaimed author and educator who eschewed technology, Neil Postman: How to Live the Rest of Your Life.
  7. Fascinating podcast out my usual zone but enjoying the author’s views and language/phrasing mastery. From the BBC description: “The award-winning and critically-acclaimed podcast from George the Poet delivers a fresh take on inner city life through a mix of storytelling, music and fiction.” Take a listen.
  8. What’s helping me cope the most with isolation and the why of it? Increasing my studying about stoicism. Good place to start is The Daily Stoic. Sensible thinking for nonsensical times.

See you next Friday with more Fresh Bits. Add your email at the right to get them (and other posts) automatically. Stay safe inside, stay six feet away, and take advantage of this unique time and circumstance to create and learn.

One thought on “Fresh Bits 3/27: Interesting Things to Do and Read

  1. Alysan E Azman

    This was very fun! And I still haven’t explored everything yet.

    Last night I started with #2 and spent time reading about fountain pens, and did research and bought a Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop in green marble – can hardly wait to get it!

    Thank you!


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