Surf’s Up: Exploring Oahu’s West Coast

Since I leave Hawaii a week from tomorrow, I decided to start exploring Oahu’s nature by zones, taking roughly a day in each zone rather than the sporadic visits so far. We started yesterday by driving the west coast highway north from Kahe Point Beach Park until we ran out of paved road in the Ka’ena Point State Park.

As stunningly blue the water is with staggering shades from turquoise to deep blue, the hills, mountains, and vegetation opposite the shore were equally beautiful in their way. As much as I’m enjoying hanging out at Whole Foods in downtown Honolulu, spending the time to drive out of congested areas and into island nature is a fantastic way to see the true Hawaii.

Injured seal on ledge, and her (or his) mate staying close by


2 thoughts on “Surf’s Up: Exploring Oahu’s West Coast

  1. Ann Wilson Higbee

    Sure is beautiful…and still so rustic and unspoiled outside the cities. What a won derful visit you’re having 🙂

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