Writing Time, Island Style

The only activity that hasn’t been as frequent as I’d like on this nomadic tour of the U.S. is my writing routine. I finally got on track in early April and have been doing better, but then I hit the Hawaiian islands and promptly went tropically lazy!

As it turned out, my sons’ apartment isn’t conducive to writing time, nor are there many coffee shops in Honolulu. Seems this culture embraces tea (particularly bubble tea) far more than coffee. Other than a few scattered, tiny Starbucks, did not find an effective place to spend morning hours writing until a few days ago when I discovered Whole Foods in downtown Honolulu.

Besides being one of the most amazing Whole Foods I’ve been in, they have a large outdoor patio with lots of varied seating that, when combined with some good coffee from inside and their famous by-the-pound breakfast bars, I’m all set! It’s about a 15-min. drive from the boys’ apartment to downtown Honolulu, but since I’m “commuting” around 7 a.m., traffic’s not horrible yet (it’s horrible just about all other hours of the day – think L.A. traffic and you get the picture).

While I can’t get down there everyday, I’ll be content with 3-4 times/week spending 3-4 hours there. And as a bonus (as if the consistently pleasant weather here isn’t bonus enough) Whole Foods is a short walk to the in-town beach (photo below). Island style, indeed.

One thought on “Writing Time, Island Style

  1. miatagrrl

    Whole Foods! I wouldn’t have guessed it from your IG post. . . have never seen one with an outdoor patio. But then, I live in Seattle. 😉

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