My absence here is by way of taking a few months off from van life, first to stay with friends in Fort Collins, Colorado, for a few weeks then later flying to Honolulu, Hawaii to visit my two sons. Sadly, Tamasté could not go Hawaiian, so while I’m gone he’s taking a long nap parked in Fort Collins.

I landed in Hawaii on April 28 after a long flight from Denver. As expected, Hawaii is ripe with glorious photo opportunities but they haven’t happened yet due to timing and weather. Mostly I’ve relaxed with sons by enjoying island food (and discovering a new fondness for bubble tea), watching a lot of movies, and generally hanging out. An excellent way to break from the routine of van life for a bit.

I’ll be back on the road again around Memorial Day weekend, and expect to be back to posting here more regularly by then. In the meantime, we’ve planned a few awesome Hawaii hikes next week when the weather will be better for photos, so expect some eye candy then!

4 thoughts on “Aloha!

  1. VJ

    Say hi to the boys for us – can’t believe I lost track and you are in Hawaii already!! Enjoy your time there

  2. Hey, the post office container you left at our house is getting full. It will anxiously be awaiting your return, nestled comfortably in a stack in “your“ bedroom!

    Are you following James Holzhauer? Teacher tournament for the next two weeks but by May 20 he will be on it again. His total is now $1,692,000.

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