Mystical New Mexico

I’m in the middle of a two-week boondocking span in a semi-remote area outside Abiquiu, New Mexico. Staying isolated on a friend’s land nestled between mesas, among the pinions and red dirt with vistas that melt you troubles away. So beautiful, raw, wild, and natural. So much so there’s no cellular signal here (despite my WeBoost tall antenna pole). Brief times for connectivity occur when leaving the site to visit the tiny town of Abiquiu (population 231).

That town name may ring bells for some of you, since it’s the long-time home of artist Georgia O’Keefe, along with the famous Ghost Ranch resort. There’s a long history associating her with this town located somewhat between Sante Fe and Taos. And while that population count may seem trivial, a good portion are resident/part-time artists scattered though the hills and valleys around Abiquiu.

Nighttime here is pitch black, save an infrequent set of vehicle headlights moving though the black like a slow, alien ship cruising by. Stars are, as you might expect, sprinkled in the sky overhead like salt on a black velvet tablecloth. I am going to try some night photography soon, so hopefully the outcome of that cold adventure is worth sharing soon.

This state, and especially this place, is mystical. Steeped in Native American history and presence, the stunning geography of the place has a grounding effect with its authentic essence that has to be experienced to be understood. A place like this humbles me and connects me more to nature and its power of patience through time than any other place I have experienced. There’s a draw to my soul here that’s fleeting to understand, but easy to sense something’s happening, burrowing in, and holding firm.

Hiking opportunities seem endless and each one more amazing than the last. Photos below attempt to show the stark beauty and amazing forms the geology takes, but they pale by comparison to what one sees hiking here. Days are sunny, and nights are dark and cold — perfect for reflecting on the experience and influence from walking the Earth in such a stunning place.

Lots of pictures in gallery below, and more coming soon.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Gary. I love that area. If you can, take the high road from Taos to Santa Fe and stop in Truchas and Chimayo as well as some other little bitty villages on that high road.

    See you in a couple weeks.

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