Fort Davis, Texas

Where is your place to go, taste nature, get out of the rat race, and feel like you’re disconnected from the noisy world? For me, it’s always been Fort Davis, TX, nestled up against the Davis Mountains range.

I’ve been going here since the early 90s and always thought my partner at the time and I would retire here someday. Too bad we didn’t buy a place back then before the rich folks discovered it, thus inflating real estate prices. Did you happen to read what’s happened to prices in Marfa, TX, now considered an art mecca destination for the jet set? Same thing’s hit the whole Big Bend region I’m afraid.

It’s been fifteen years since I last stayed in the Fort Davis area, and other that real estate doubling, it’s always been a timeless place that looks pretty much the same. There’s a special character and vibe to this place that’s western, laid back, and tolerant of people doing their thing. Fort Davis itself has a whopping population around 3,000, which more than doubles during high tourist times.

Highlights from civilization’s march and modernization: internet is easier to get now and cell coverage (in town) is good, there’s the new Stone Village Market which boasts a nice organics selection and great coffee to go with their breakfast tacos, two new RV parks, and…well, that’s about it for change (other than real estate prices).

And yes, this visit rekindled my desire to live here, if I could crack the “how” part (relative to house $$). I’ve always loved the high Chihuahuan desert landscape in this region and with the area around a mile high, it gets a Hallmark kind of winter: light snow dustings that make everything pretty. The forests in the Davis Mountains change from scrubby to alpine as you drive higher. Hard to think I’d ever get tired of that big sky feel, those mountain vistas, and miles of mountain hiking trails.

I did apply with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Division be a Davis Mountains State Park host (where I stayed this trip – more on that in the next post) for at least September if not October too. And if you bet my ulterior motive in doing so connected to looking deep into living here…well, that would be a sucker’s bet to take.

PS: Since I have zillions of photos of the town from previous visits, I didn’t take any except of the FD Hotel above this trip. Figured I would pull old ones to use here…but to my surprise I didn’t copy my photo archives over to my traveling hard drive (thought I did!). Oops. The next post on the Davis Mountains will give you a feel for the natural landscape around Fort Davis.

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