Mercer Magic

After my stay at Mission Tejas State Park, TX, I spent four days in The Woodlands visiting some long-time friends and roaming the area where I’d lived for close to fifteen years.

On one of the days after the gloomy, wet weather paused and let the sun come out to play, I revisited Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens north of Houston with one of my Woodlands friends. This beautiful, nature respite from the intensity and crowdedness of Houston was always a favorite place to spend some time.

This wasn’t the best time of year to see the plants and flowers, but still an enjoyable visit. Sadly though, one of my favorite spots was in the back at the turtle pond and the extensive displays of bamboo varities around the pond. Fast forward to Hurricane Harvey and 20′ of flood waters over the gardens and alas, the bamboo displays and turtle pond are no more. The arboretum staff has worked hard restoring things, but the gardens are a shadow of what they were when I last visited. In time, I’m sure they’ll return to their former glory.