Invisible Days

Sunset over Lake Holloman near Alamogordo, NM

Wow…it’s been 12 days since I last posted. Doesn’t feel that long. I have a lot of posts coming soon covering the beautiful areas I’ve romped around in since the last post.

One of the pleasant surprises about retirement and being nomadic, is the calendar becomes useless. Oh, I have to know dates/days at times to make reservations here and there, but in general, I’m pretty clueless as to what day it is or the date for that matter. And I find that a good thing.

Driving up from El Paso to a dispersed camp site for tonight near Alamogordo, N.M., I had to cheat and look at the iPhone calendar to know it was Thursday (it is Thursday, yes?). These aren’t early mind-goofy moments, it’s that to a nomad the day or date is really not that important, save a few have-to-be-there engagements, thus it’s easy to lose track…a lot.

While I was working, every day had it’s own personality and each week tracked through the cycles of these day-moods: Monday was the dreaded back-to-work-but-weekend-too-short mood, Tuesday was when one actually got back fully into the work mode. Wednesday’s notorious as “hump” day reminding you you’re halfway there. Thursday was probably slighted and a forgetful day since it followed the celebratory “hump” day and preceded the much beloved Friday, which as every knows, is the BEST day of the work week because it’s the LAST day of the work week! And the weekend: two all-too-short days to unwind, have fun, spend the money you earned M-F, and get ready for the coming Monday.

To me, now, in this nomadic wandering lifestyle, one day’s pretty much the same as any other day. I’ve even lost track and gone looking for a restaurant, only to discover they were closed on…Sunday! Just another nameless day to me.

6 thoughts on “Invisible Days

  1. miatagrrl

    How did you feel on the President’s Day holiday? 😉 I didn’t have too much trouble adjusting to post-retirement days because I’ve always had a lot of things I do on certain days of the week and still do (Monday: yoga; Tuesday: Jazzercise; Wednesday: walk around the lake, etc). But holiday Mondays still surprise me sometimes: What — no mail…? Oh yeah.

    1. When was the Prez Day holiday? Skipped right by me, apparently. Jumping straight from working into retirement and the nomadic ways, I didn’t have the chance to establish a retirement days pattern. Likely get there at some point. I did think pre-trip that I’d look at Weds-Thurs. as my weekend/play days, and write Fri-Tues sort of thing, but hasn’t panned out either. So far, it’s a one-day life! Sort of.

  2. Looks like you found Holloman Lake. How did you like it? I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and it makes me want to restart using mine again ( rather than relying on facebook. I know several people who refuse to use Facebook. Just wish I could write as well a you! My brother in California just got an Airstream and is planning on starting a Word Press blog also about their sailing and traveling. I’m going to refer him to yours to reference a good one! Janet

    1. Thanks! I’m enjoying Holloman Lake dispersed site. Will be one I bookmark for future use. Today it’s windy, which means lots of blowing dust, but have escaped to a coffee shop in Alamogordo (life is good when you can find a good coffee shop).

  3. Lisette ANDRES Nogues

    My life was controlled by schedules even though I worked independently and was “master” of my own practice! (I cannot imagine having had to work for others being me.) I’m enjoying immensely my almost retirement status and can’t wait until I won’t know what day it is too!

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