Ranch Life

Stayed a few nights over the weekend at a friend’s ranch in central, mid-Florida. Anytime I’ve stayed a places in the country with acreage and separation from neighbors it’s always been a refreshing, calming place to be. This weekend’s stopover was that and more.

They raise cattle, have horses, donkeys, dogs, lots of kids, nearby relatives, the whole family compound feeling that all made for a laid back, restful visit. I’m used to ranch land in Texas, but Florida ranch land is an interesting mix of pine trees and palm trees, sandy soil and big, blue skies. Their ranch abuts a nice lake adding beautiful sunsets, fishing, and the occasional alligator (the other distinctive difference from Texas ranches).

I used want to have a place in the country, with room to roam and visual separation from neighbors. That dream still smolders inside, but given the work it takes to maintain such a place, I think I’m past that dream, barring some windfall that would allow me to pay people to do everything! But visiting such places is still a delight and much thanks to my friend for the offer to stay. Definitely on the list for next winter’s places to be.