Sandy Perfection

There are many reasons to come to Florida, and near the top of most lists is probably its beaches. With white (or close) sands and that amazing emerald-like water, a good beach is a joy to wander aimless and lose your thoughts while enjoying this part of our natural world. For someone who’s beach exposure was mostly Galveston and its brown sand and water, Florida beaches are heaven.

In my travels these last two months, I’ve visited a lot of beaches but none seemed to be THE beach…until yesterday.

Several people told me to check out Vero Beach, and unusually laid back and less touristy beachside town (and it’s now on my list of possible Florida places to base from). After driving around town (and stopping for the necessary laundry time-out) I decided I’d wander over to and drive down the outer island on my way to Highland-Hammocks State Park.

I stumbled upon Avalon State Park off North Hutchinson Island, the long stretch of land bordering the Atlantic opposite Vero Beach city. Boasting to have more than a mile of “increasingly rare undeveloped beachfront” (a fact I discovered after the visit), it turns out to be the best Florida beach I’ve seen…so far. Pictures below tell the story. I was hoping they had campgrounds, but alas, there’s just the one, small parking area off the highway for beach access. The rest of the 650 acres is a nature and wildlife preserve, a fantastic way to protect areas in our development-crazed world.

No gallery this time; too pretty not to show full width. Enjoy!