When Life Gives You Rain, Take a Nap (and Do the Chores!)

Life in Tamasté is functionally no different than a home: rain means stay instead and do the chores, then after it’s over and too wet to do much outside, do the laundry and…defrost the freezer!

Not exactly an exciting post about adventures on the loose in the wild, but life doesn’t stop just because one’s a nomadic spirit these days.

This part of Florida’s been hit with a lot of rain and I drove through waves of it on the way to the Collier-Seminole State Park for two nights. Backing the rig in and setting up in the rain is less than fun, but having the power and utilities afterward are the rewards that lead to a lazy afternoon and evening.

At one point late in the evening, I had standing water encircling my gravel pad, but I was high and dry. Like some medieval lord looking out high up in his moat-surrounded tower and mulling about life during downpours, I watched a few late arrivals show up and navigate backing their monstrous trailers into a camp spot, whereas Tamasté’s 21′ length make backing in so much easier.

But then, there’s those brave (and young) souls who tent camp as my neighbors did. By dark, their tent was completely in water, and the next morning I asked them how it went: “Fine,” they said, “we have a blow up mattress and slept above the water inside the tent.”

I remember those camping days long ago in a tent when weather went weird: definitely for the young at heart (and body). I’ll take cozying inside Tamasté with a good book and accidental nap when it downpours any day.

And yes, this shot is this morning with the water soaked away and Florida sunshine and blue skies finally showing up again.