Fantastical Trees

Friday I visited the Edison-Ford Winter Estates. There is a museum and the houses toured for a fee, but since the gardens and trees were so utterly fantastical and interesting, they were the focus of my visit this time. I’ll do the houses, museum, and car collection on a future visit.

The two homes and assorted buildings date back to an 1885 beginning and as with the wealthy of that era, are a fascinating collection of furnishings and artifacts of that time. Most of the furnishings are original, making each house a museum.

Twenty acres of gardens contain more than 1,700 plants from 400 species native to six continents, and the variety is quite amazing. Originally began as an experiment to find a better, faster growing tree for latex, since at the time rubber was in high demand, most of the original plantings were for research. Over time, however, they became a botanical garden of unusual plants and trees unlike anywhere else.

Believe it or not, this is ONE tree! Planted as a sapling in 1927, this Banyan Ficus has grown to cover nearly one acre. See the gallery below for the info plaque about this tree.
Central trunk from which all the limbs went out and dropped their unique aerial roots that support the growing main branches.
Edison statue as though admiring his contribution from the original planted sapling.


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  1. I know! Have so swept up in the camera thing I forget about sketching. Have to remedy that by the time I get to the west and the pueblos of New Mexico.

  2. Those trees are amazing. There’s a big one in downtown St. Petersburg that sprouts red flowers and various others with big roots. Crazy how they grow and spread.

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