Where’s Tamasté Been, Where’s He Going?

For those who follow me via email or Facebook (thanks!), you may not be aware of a couple of site-specific features that enhance following where I’ve been, where I’m going.

In the right sidebar on garyvarner.com you’ll find a map graphic followed by a list of upcoming events (some specific, some general). Clicking on the map will take you to my custom Tripline map where I enter locations, add pictures and sometimes comments on places visited. (Once on Tripline, scroll down to see the list/photos.)

Admittedly, these features help me remember as much as they might help the armchair travelers and inner turtles out there to follow along via  a map and list of what’s coming up. So if you aren’t visiting the site and are following via email updates or Facebook posts (and that’s terrific, thanks!), you might hit the site now and then and check out the map.

4 thoughts on “Where’s Tamasté Been, Where’s He Going?

  1. It’s using a sidebar HTML widget in which I have the link to my map on Tripline (which is free). So need a Tripline account, set up the map, grab the link, add it to the HTML widget in WP. PM me if you need more info/help.

  2. I’m getting the impression that Tripline doesn’t work with Safari. Or at any rate, I can not get it to let me create a map that I can share. Sent a message to technical support, so I’m waiting for a response. Weird, though!

    1. I had Safari issues in the beginning and Byron sorted things out. As I recall, with the map up, I just copied the URL and didn’t use the share feature there (I think!). But sounds like the create part is futzing out on you.

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