For The Birds

On a sunny, chilly Saturday, my brother and I visited the Circle B Bar Reserve south of Lakeland, FL, a 1,200+ acre wilderness and wildlife preserve and bird sanctuary. We had our camera gear and long lenses at the ready, but so did a couple hundred other passionate nature photographers and birders, no doubt working on their life lists.

We traveled here specifically in hopes of catching good shots of the elusive roseate spoonbill. While we saw a few, they were too far away to get the awesome shot, but at least I got one as proof I saw one (my first)! Other highlights in the gallery below, and this shot of why one doesn’t go swimming at the Circle B Bar Reserve:


2 thoughts on “For The Birds

  1. Pamela Locke

    Great shots!! Looks like an awesome start to your adventures! Miss seeing you when we walk into We Serve!


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