Retirement: First Impressions

Officially, I’m on my fifth day of retirement. Unofficially, counting from when I vacationed out, it’s 20 days. But who’s counting?

I’m still in “vacation” mode so the full feeling of retirement hasn’t quite settled in yet, although there are glimpses that make me realize this isn’t a normal vacation, and vacation time will be over soon.

Since spending so much time leading to leaving Findlay and working on Tamasté prep, and since arriving in Florida and continuing the van prep, I haven’t had a lot of idle time to ponder the wonderment of retirement nor the somewhat freaky “what, no paycheck?” aspect. But that is about to change with tomorrow’s milestone of completing Tamasté’s prep followed by hitting the road Tuesday to begin exploring Florida.

So what’s different in retirement so far? Biggest thing is the absence of tracking what day it is. When weekends are like weekdays, and Monday could be any day of the week, those beloved guideposts on the path through working life are gone. I used to laugh at those “who cares?” clocks and now I’m living a calendar that looks quite similar.

All that’s good, since it also means each day is fully experienced and going slowly. When I do work on schedules for places and such, I’m surprised the current date is much earlier in January than I think it is. My mind must still be on work-time pacing, mentally counting the days faster than reality.

Look for the first video on the Tamasté YouTube channel soon featuring a complete tour of Tamasté. Hoping to publish one video a week, plus frequent posts here, but we’ll see. After all, not sure I can mentally track exactly what a week is, given that I can’t keep track of what day it is.

8 thoughts on “Retirement: First Impressions

  1. Greg Neat

    It’s great to read about your retirement progress. Leave some mile markers and tips for all the wannabes retirees out there.Hopefully they’ll still be relevant to me around 2033…Ha! Wishing you the best Gary!

  2. Alysan E Azman

    So I’ve been totally retired for about 5 months now, that that ‘what day is it’ still plagues me! lol I am still afraid of forgetting and appointment or other commitment! lol Every morning shortly after waking up, I review what day it is and what I might have planned! lol And, of course, keep a written calendar!

    Am looking forward to following your journey!

    1. Hi Keith – Tamasté is a coined phrase…I took the “T” from Travato (model of van) and changed Namasté. Hope you’re doing well!

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