Morning Habit

I’ve done various mental morning jump-starters over the years, but what I’m using now is, I think (at least for me), an optimum morning threesome that gets me energized, peaceful, and ready for the day. In order of how I execute them:

  • 3Ts – Using my DayOne app on the iPad, I do a quick mental start by answering three questions (pix below).
  • Morning Pages – Open topic journaling for two pages using a fountain pen in my Nanimi (Tomoe River paper) A5 journal. And on occasion, I set a topic to write to (e.g., motivation, happiness, etc.). Usually last 15 minutes and usually light a candle before starting.
  • Meditation – 15 minutes with a meditation gong timer, typically spent centering/quieting using a follow-my-breath practice, but sometimes a mantra-based effort. On the mornings I miss doing this, I feel the difference.