SpaceX Notebooks: Out of this World?

SpaceX Pack and StickerThere are so many notebooks on the market that it’s easy to become numb to yet-another-notebook debuting. Not this time.

Back Pocket Notebooks released this three-pack, space-theme set of notebooks a little while ago. A UK-based outfit, they seem focused on finding cracks in the notebook niche market and filling it with some interesting projects! SpaceX is their second notebook release (the first being a set of responsive design notebooks), and their third project-in-the-works is an ambitious undertaking: a nine-notebook set celebrating our solar system! Wow (sneak preview here).

But, today we’re focused on a less ambitious mission, that of exploring Phobos & Deimos, Olumpus Mons, and Valles Marineris, or more precisely, the SpaceX notebook three-pack.

Although many may not be familiar with these space destinations, all will be with the standard pocket notebook size of 3-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ although with slightly fewer pages (36) than typical page counts for pocket notebooks. But that sacrifice is more than overcome by the cover and inside paper choices and the quality print/bindery work. The covers, beefy 300gsm (~110#) off-white, wrap around 120gsm (~70-80#) white inside pages with a small, reticle grid format. I’m not a fan of Field Notes’ reticle grids, but the SpaceX reticle cross symbols are much smaller and I think I may like reticle presenting like this. My first glance upon receiving the pack for review was “Oh nice, dot grids…” but are actually small, light-grey crosses.

The notebooks do not have the ubiquitous rounded outside corners, but instead a clean, square edge that echos the square edge of the cover art nicely. The covers, which is part of what stands these apart from other notebooks, have printed space posters released to the public to emulate tourist travel posters advertising exotic space vacations. The covers are clearly eye-catching and dream-inspiring. Who among us hasn’t wished on travel to the stars and planets?

All that said, how does the paper perform? In a word, excellent. Graphite felt really nice, with just the slightest tooth. My Blackwing 602 did exhibit slight smearing, but in tolerable range for me. Fountain pens, the usual death-knell for most of my notebook tests, surprised me with a great experience leaving no bleed, show-through, and retaining expected nib-width lines and was a good feel to write on.

SpaceX Notebook Test-Insides

As of this writing, I believe these are only available direct from Back Pocket or from If I find out who might be carrying them stateside I’ll update this review. That said, a test checkout at showed the three-pack at 12 pounds ($15.50) and standard shipping at 5 pounds ($6.50) so not too bad for stateside notebook enthusiasts.

If you’re a space or sci-fi fan these definitely belong in your rotation. Yet the cover art and the overall quality should be appealing to anyone who enjoys a visually stunning quality pocket notebook that works well across the usual writing tools!

SpaceX Notebook Covers


Two packs were provided to me by for the purpose of this review. I used one for sampling, which leaves FIVE single notebooks to giveaway (and two awesome stickers that I’ll randomly tossed in two winners’ packets) to FIVE lucky winners!

How can you win one? Simple: comment which is your favorite cover below and/or on one of the Facebook posts for this review and I’ll draw five names for the notebooks giveaway next Sunday (Aug. 21). Oh, and this time…anyone can win…U.S. or international.

31 thoughts on “SpaceX Notebooks: Out of this World?

  1. Mike Hagan

    I love Phobos & Deimos…and these all look amaze-balls! Thanks for the giveaway opp and the review Gary!

  2. Lenore

    These are lovely enough to make me break my notebook momoratorium! And I’ll be in for the third series too.

  3. Richard Hoffpauir

    I love all three for the space theme, the retro design, and the cover fonts. I’ll say Valles Marineris is my favorite because of the title font.

  4. Jeff

    Phobos & Deimos is the coolest, IMHO, but they’re all pretty awesome. Might have to pick up a pack of these soon…

  5. Patricia

    I started watching Flash Gordan in the 50’s. The old serial from 30’s and 40’s with Buster Crabbe. Then all space series after that. Star Trek etc. So, I love anything space. They are all beautiful!

  6. Ron Freche

    Oh wow! Very neat product. I may have to order a pack when that solar system set comes out.

    Thanks for the review!

  7. Chris C

    Hard to pick a favorite among these stunning notebooks. If I have to pick, Phobos would beat the others for the simplicity of the design.

  8. Bill Lammers

    Olympus Mons is my favorite. Like the square corners and generous white borders. Precision cutting!

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