Field Notes Shenandoah: Back to Basics

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29 thoughts on “Field Notes Shenandoah: Back to Basics

  1. Dale Thele

    Thank you for posting the Field Notes Shenandoah notebook review. These notebooks would be used (one at a time) in my leather FN cover/wallet for note taking, general jotting, etc.

  2. Shankar

    I am reading a nice little design book called ‘The Shape of Design’ currently and would like to jot down some juicy quotes from it in these sturdy field notes books. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I love the colors, and the sturdy feel! This feels like a book you write in taking a break on a hike, or taking notes in an actual field. I would love to get some FN swag for my FN customers – which includes me!

  4. Love the review. Still waiting on my order from FNHQ so I can’t say how much I’ll like them in person, but I love the cover colours. I don’t have a subscription this time around, so would love to have the buttons from the sub. (And who doesn’t love stickers, stickers, and more stickers.)

  5. I just found your blog while looking for reviews of this Field Notes edition. So glad I did as I’m enjoying your other posts! Those buttons are adorable actually, so I hope I might get lucky!

  6. Gary, I’m surprised that you didn’t include Workshop Companion as a fountain-pen friendly issue. It’s still the best I’ve seen and many prefer its dot grid over the lines in Shelterwood and America the Beautiful.

    1. Gary

      Good point Larry! You know, I don’t think I’ve touched an FP to a WC page! Guess I’d better check that out. It’s not an edition I’d plan to use (other than for garden planning – I swapped out the other five for Gardening ones, so have a slipcase full six Gardening WCs), but should give it drive.

      1. I carry a small notebook with me all the time to use for quick sketches that I don’t want want to put in my larger sketchbooks. WC has become my go to book for that purpose and I’ve gone through four of them. Most use has been with a Platinum Carbon pen or a Namiki Falcon, both with Platinum Carbon Black ink, though occasionally I’ll use a ballpoint. Both of these pens are very fine (finer than your Lamy and TWSBI pens, though, but the heavier paper makes fountain pens feel at home. I’m wondering if I could swap covers between WC and Shenandoah 🙂


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