Ikea Romp: Not Exactly Your Go-To Stationery Store

On a recent trek to Ikea, that Swedish Delight of immense proportions and unrivaled innovativeness (not to mention real Swedish Meatballs), I took on a mission to see exactly what, if any, stationery goodies the gods of knock-down furniture and wordless instructions had on hand.

Answer? Not much. But, if one is worth one’s stripes as a stationery treasure hunter, there’s always something to find!






Those golf pencils have almost obtained icon-status and who doesn’t love a natural pencil? But overall, Ikea has little to offer in variety or depth of stationery goodies, although the kiddie art supply stuff looks fun and there was a lot of it there. The adult stuff? Somewhat a single item for each category, and even at that, only a handful on the shelf. As said, not why we go to Ikea, but you have to admit it’s a colorful place, even in their token stationery efforts.